Designated WebCoordinator's can Login to manage WebHosting Services under their respective coordination


We provide you the facility to update and maintain your site at your own will, sitting at a remote location through a highly secure remote updation facility i.e FTP over VPN.

The complete step-wise procedure for a Website Owner to have VPN and FTP account for Remote updation/Maintenance is given below.

  1. Obtain a VPN conection/account : To apply for VPN, you need to Fill the VPN form available here
  2. Submit the filled VPN form to your concerned NIC Web Coordinator.
  3. The Web Coordinator will forward the same to the NIC VPN group.
  4. You will recieve VPN account details from VPN Group and neccesary guidlinace/instruction to setup and install neccesary software for VPN connectivity.
  5. After the successfull setup, please get the FTP details from the concerned Web coordinator.

In case of any problem you can be in touch with concerned NIC- Web Coordinator

To know more about NIC VPN Services click here.

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